What we offer.


As a full-service partner, we are there for you in every phase of a project. Our service offering is modular. That means that you can access any of our services individually, including component manufacturing on our in-house machines curated to your needs. In addition, if desired we can also provide pure technology consulting.

Component development.

CTC is Germany’s leading R&D centre for the design and manufacture of large, complex components of dry fibre or prepreg. We work with partners from many different fields, so we stay abreast of the latest developments and can always bring out new ideas.

Production development.

The development of technologies for the automated processing of CFRP is at the core of CTC. We have a command of multiple technologies, as over the years we not only implemented but also developed and co-developed many of them, and brought them into series use in aviation.

Test parts and small runs.

With our in-house production we can deliver quick results. You can expect prototypes and small production runs in the highest quality, including permitting for aviation use in the case of flying components.

Training and education.

We’ll get your team ready to hit the ground running with composite materials. We offer two courses for the most common needs, "Basics" and "Advanced". We'll also be glad to prepare individual training programmes for you.

What lightweight construction problems can we solve for you?
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